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Hackney Plumber Electrician provides all plumbing, heating, electrical and drainage services to residents and businesses in Hackney. The services include emergency & general plumbing, boiler installation, boiler repairs & servicing,all electrical installations & fault finding. We provide a 24 hour service.

If your looking for a reliable and experienced Hackney Plumbers or Hackney Electrician you have come to the right place!

Hackney is located in the northeast of London. Home to more than 240,000 residents with homes ranging from flats and apartments to grand houses. Whilst they all have their own unique qualities there are some things that they all have in common – plumbing being one perfect example.

Providing standard and reactive emergency plumbing & electrical services throughout Hackney we believe in giving you the best possible service every time. The professionals in the team are able to give you plumbing, heating electrical, drainage as well building solutions when you need it. We stock our vans with the important materials and supplies so that you don’t have to worry about us arriving with the wrong stuff! We get there quickly and get the job done on time and on budget.

Plumbing and Electrical Services

Offering the full range of plumbing & electrical services at Hackney Plumber or Electrician, we know that our customers are the most valued & important part of our service. That’s why we have so much repeat business as our service is efficient. Proudly displaying our charges right on our website so you don’t have to try to work out an what they are is something that happens with a lot of other plumbers in Hackney or even electricians in Hackney.

Plumbing and Electrical Services in Hackney – In an emergency!

When a plumbing or electrical emergency problem exists it can cause major problems for you – day or night. From a burst pipe that’s flooding your home for example or a power outage – these plumbing or electrical emergencies can’t be ignored. The 24 hour emergency plumbing & electrical service on offer is there to put your mind at risk. We shall aim to get to you in a 2 hour time slot or even quicker in most occasions. We know a quick response saves property damage & potential huge repair bills.

Hackney Plumbers and Hackney Electrician

Lets be honest its hard to find a good plumber in Hackney or even a good electrician in Hackney but we’re here to help solve that. Employing the best & highly skilled professionals who are always there to give you the best results and value for money no matter how complex the situation may be. Rely on us and call us now on .
07487 370722