Bristan Easyfit

Bristan’s patented EasyFit technology makes fitting easier than standard taps. The system features flexible inlets with built-in isolation for easy connection to existing pipe work. The top fix connectors are also simple to install and leave plenty of room for tiling and sealing to be completed. Essentially, EasyFit taps can be fitted in two easy steps. The base is first secured to the basin (or bath) and the integral flexible tails are connected to the hot and cold water sources with the built-in valves closed. The tap body is then pushed on to the base and secured to it with grub screws before opening the isolation valves.

Since the tap body can be fitted after the tiling and painting work is completed, it reduces the likelihood of damaging the tap during building works. Furthermore, if you decide to change the tap in future, it should be a straightforward process of replacing the top without disturbing the water connections, provided the new tap is an EasyFit as well!